Money in the Denk: The custom mode for Modern Warfare 3 that you can set up today


This new, user-created game mode is a spin on Modern Warfare 3’s Sabotage. More and more private servers are now hosting it and though it’s not (yet) been included in the Community Playlist, Infinity Ward have been testing it out. While we wait to see if it’ll be officially supported, here’s how Money in the Denk works, as well as the official guide to how you can set up your own server.

game begins with a bomb spawning between the two teams, both of whom
will be trying to plant it in their opponent’s territory and defend it
until it detonates. The bomb has a shared timer, meaning that if it’s
defused, moved and planted again, the clock will continue ticking down
from where it left off. It makes no difference how many times each team
plants the bomb, only where it sits when that timer hits zero.

are strict restrictions on both streaks and weaponry. Players choose
from five pre-set classes, which determine their weapon loudouts, and
don’t receiving benefits from from assault or support streaks, meaning
this is a game solely about gunplay and teamwork. If you absolutely must
have a special power that’s going to tip the balance of play, then
you’d better grab that bomb, because at that moment something rather
special happens.

moment any player becomes the bomb carrier, they’re transformed into a
total badass. Though they drop their current weapons and can only carry a
P99 pistol, they also don the rock-hard Juggernaut suit, which makes
them extremely difficult to take down, and they can now receive benefits
from pointstreaks. It may be their job to plant that bomb, but they
might become a little distracted by their new-found power.

you can’t find a Money in the Denk server to join, then the game mode’s
creator (simply known as The Denk) has made this video explaining how
you can set up your own:

The Denk, a Call of Duty fan who has created the YouTube series Call of Duty: Origins, has been trying to get the game mode to be recognised, encouraging
fans to tweet “We want #MoneyInTheDenk!” at Infinity Ward staff, and
this might just have paid off. Last Friday, Infinity Ward community
co-ordinator @candyslexia told fans that the team were “pushing for that
in our next update.”

So, keep a look out, but in the meantime there’s nothing to stop you starting a game of your own.