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Monster Hunter Online trailer reveals the creatures are bulging with blood ready for the spurting


It’s all in the game’s title, Monster Hunter Online will have you chasing down and killing wild monstrous creatures. The latest trailer shows off a whole menagerie of the beasts that will be falling under your sword.

What was new to me was how much blood these animals are packing. It seems like even a papercut would have them spraying out plumes of the red stuff.

Monster Hunter Online looks to have you and your friends try to bag big beasties via a blend of twonking them with massive melee weapons or cutting them down from a distance with rifles. It’s all looking lovely in the CryEngine 3, though it’s not looking as a high-quality as the stuff coming out from Crytek’s own development studios.

The game’s closed beta will be launching in China on 6 July. We’ve still had no word of an international release.

Cheers, VG247.