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Monster Hunter: World will be 30fps on consoles, but it might be different on PC

Monster Hunter World

Update June 17, 2017: Capcom have clarified the comments from community manager Josh Dahdrai in regards to the 30fps target – that’s just for consoles.

Dahdrai, responding to questions on Twitter, wrote that they were targeting a stable 30fps across all platforms, but he was only commenting on the console version.

“The comments regarding framerate we’ve shared publicly apply to the Xbox One and PS4 versions,” Capcom explains to PC Gamer.

Hopefully this means that, with the PC version, they’ll be aiming for 60fps, though Capcom haven’t announced exactly what frame rate we can expect while working with the unannounced recommended system requirements.

Original story June 15, 2017: In a first for the West, Monster Hunter is coming to PC. You probably already knew that, but we’ve been scouring the internet to get every single bit of information we can find about the game, and we’ve come up with a few key things.

This is all coming out of E3 2017, which we’ve been covering all week.

The first of these is that every weapon from previous titles is returning – from the great sword, to the insect glaive, to the bows. It’s all coming back for Monster Hunter: World. This comes from community manager Josh Dahdrai (aka Socks), who’s been answering a lot of questions over on Twitter.

One feature we may be losing, though, is Hunter Arts. Dahdrai responded to someone asking about Hunter Arts by saying Monster Hunter: World has “whole new gameplay systems.” He’s not saying there won’t be any Hunter Arts, but he also isn’t saying there will be, either. We can probably expect confirmation of what these new systems are later.

Some people were criticising the new look of Monster Hunter: World, but another community manager, Yuri Araujo, put that to bed. Despite the changes to the art style and the series as a whole, they’re not going to be “sacrificing gameplay at all.”

That said, and we’re back to Dahdrai for this one: 60 fps isn’t the aim for Monster Hunter: World. Instead, the focus is on a clean 30 fps across all platforms. Someone replied to Dahdrai asking for some clarification on whether it will be locked to 30 fps, but he didn’t respond.

Let’s rattle off some more info quickly. There will be offline single-playerbut there won’t be any local multiplayer. The prowler mode from recent titles is also gone, although Palicoes are returning. The next big event which we’ll be seeing Monster Hunter: World news at is Gamescom, in August this year.

Hopefully, we’ll find out when PC will be getting the game, and why it’s being released later on PC, then.