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The Monster Hunter: World campaign is 40-50 hours of mostly cat customisation

Monster Hunter World Palico

What do we want? Cats! How do we want them? In a massive variety of ear and eye shapes, apparently. Monster Hunter: World gets a double dosage of news today as an interview with a German website reveals the length of the campaign, and they put out a trailer highlighting something far more important: cosmetic kitten upgrades.

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As PC Gamer report, director Yuya Yokuda said 40-50 hours would be an average completion time for the player. However, as you can probably imagine, it’s a game about continually improving your character, so finishing the campaign is just the beginning.

Also released today was a new trailer that showcases just how much customisation can go into your feline companions, which are called Palicos and not some variation on “cat” as I would have used. Turns out it’s a lot, with fur colour, ear size, grimace, armour, and more all up for the chop. See all that in the trailer above. As much as this looks like microtransaction heaven, these little fellows fight alongside you, so it’d be as bad as selling power in any RPG. Hopefully that won’t ever be the case.

Still to PC release date for Monster Hunter: World, though we’re promised one eventually, some time after console release on Jan 26. We don’t want it to be too far into the year.