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Monster Hunter: World is coming to PC

Monster Hunter World

Sony’s E3 conference is currently dropping the megatons, showing off gameplay from a wealth of exciting-looking upcoming titles. Among them was Monster Hunter: World, a gorgeous, open-world take on Capcom’s popular series. 

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The best news is it’s coming to PC. The series has traditionally been mostly seen over on Nintendo machines and Sony handhelds, but this full-fat experience will be playable on your tower.

Here’s confirmation from Capcom.

You can see the game in action in the trailer above. In it, we see a man with a huge sword out having a lovely walk, picking mushrooms, and studying fauna.

That is until he comes upon a massive dinosaur and a huge battle ensues. It’s a proper cat-and-mouse affair, with our hero using what he can to keep the beast at bay, at one point even pulling down the ceiling of a cave.

The battle ends when another, bigger, fire-breathing beast turns up and starts attacking the dino. It looks amazing. Have a watch of the trailer, then close your eyes and imagine the mods.

Capcom say the game world is a “living, breathing ecosystem” in which you can pal up to take down massive beasts. Four players can team up at any time, utilising a new drop-in multiplayer system that allows the East and West to play together for the first time.

“Monster Hunter: World delivers a seamless gameplay experience allowing players to move freely across map areas that comprise the living ecosystems and dynamically transition from day to night,” says the official blurb.

“The landscape and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role in each quest as players strategically use the surrounding environment including terrain, vegetation and wildlife to their advantage in battle or become hindered by the hazards they present. Hunters must use their cunning and skill to track and manoeuvre their targets throughout the intense, evolving battles.”

Expect it some time in 2018, though after console players have had their fill.