Two new Monster Hunter World trailers show brute wyverns are here to stay

Monster Hunter World

Capcom have released two new trailers for Monster Hunter: World. One of them shows off a bunch of the game’s upcoming monsters and a new map area. The second has even more monsters, but also dishes out information on some of the game’s mechanics.

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If you’ve played any of the previous Monster Hunter games then what’s shown off in the trailers should be familiar. The first trailer focuses on Wildspire Waste, an uncharted desert area of the forthcoming game, and exhibits some classic monster hunting. There’s a wide variety of monsters on show, from aquatic, crocodile-like beasts to expressive, semi-intelligent creatures who are able to wield simple tools to both defend and attack.

The second traileris a little different, and while it’s still full to the brim with monsters to hunt, it also documents a few of the gameplay mechanics. Again, there shouldn’t be anything too unexpected if you’re familiar with the series, but it does give a little insight into the way quests and loot works in Monster Hunter: World, and also reveals some of the hub areas you’ll be visiting in the game.

Both trailers heavily feature brute wyverns, a class of monsters that has been growing in popularity as the series has developed. Based off more classic dinosaur tropes than the classic wyverns that have made up the core of the franchise for a number of years, these trailers suggest that brute wyverns are here to stay.

Monster Hunter: World will be released for PS4 and Xbox one in “early 2018,” with a PC version arriving at a later date.