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Mortal Kombat 11 reveals the very M-rated Joker fatality

DC has apparently okayed some extremely MK murder

The Joker is coming to Mortal Kombat 11. Ever since developer NetherRealm confirmed the news, fans have been left to wonder just how the DC villain would integrate with MK’s hyperviolence – while the developer is no stranger to the DC universe, those fighting games have been T-rated. Now that we’ve got the first Joker gameplay trailer, it seems no punches are getting pulled.

The trailer showcases plenty of Joker’s moves – including wacky details ranging from a Batman doll with a gun to a spring-loaded boxing glove – but the part you’re probably interested in comes at the end. First, we see Joker’s fatal blow, where he repeatedly stabs his opponent in the back, rips the face open with knives, and beats the head in with a cane while blood splashes on the screen.

And that’s not even the fatality. For the final murder, Joker shoves a birthday cake into his opponents hands and then teases old-school MK fans with a non-violent friendship move. Then the cake explodes, turning the victim’s arms into stumps, and Joker finishes the job with a bloody tommy gun execution to reveal that it is a fatality after all.

As always, it’s clear that NetherRealm is having fun with fan expectations. Check it all out in the trailer below.

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The video also reveals some other Batman-related content in the form of new costumes for the existing roster. The DC Elseworlds skin pack will feature Kitana as Catwoman, Baraka as Killer Croc, and Noob as the Batman Who Laughs.