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Noted Twitter troll Hideki Kamiya suggests “Mortal Kombat x Bayonetta”

The director's apparent tease probably shouldn't be taken at face value


Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya is known for many excellent titles, from the original Resident Evil 2 to the first Bayonetta. These days, he’s got another reputation: Kamiya is a jerk on Twitter. Mostly that’s a joking thing – a carefully cultivated persona of touchiness on the platform – and sometimes it means we get to dream beautiful dreams. Like seeing Bayonetta in Mortal Kombat.

Kamiya only occasionally tweets in English, and earlier today he sent out the phrase “Mortal Kombat x Bayonetta.” As you might imagine, that riled up all sorts of fans who’d like to see the witch join a violent new arena, though – let’s emphasise this so as not to get any rumours started – this is certainly just a director musing about something that would be cool.

It follows up on a series of tweets in Japanese which seem to be musing on a collaboration with Mortal Kombat. Despite being PCGN’s unofficial anime editor, I’m still forced to use Google Translate to figure this out, but there seems to be at least a few mentions of fatalities.

Bayonetta has already made her fighting game debut in Super Smash Bros., though some will dispute whether that really counts as part of the genre. (Evo’s main stage would disagree, for the record.)

Mortal Kombat’s often had a wild set of guest characters, though director Ed Boon has recently said nope to putting Shaggy in MK11. Sorry, kids, you can’t meme things into existence. We all know it takes months of arcade-driven rumours to get new secrets into MK.

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The Mortal Kombat 11 roster is currently filled with characters who originate in the series itself, so we’ll still be waiting a while to see which – if any – extra guests make it to the select screen.