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Mount Your Friends 3D gives the party game three-dimensional dongs

mount your friends 3d

Penises are a funny piece of anatomy. There’s no denying it. Mount Your Friends is a slightly awkward party game about muscular, well-lubricated climbing atop each other to build the highest human towers imaginable, while their dangly bits shook about in the wind. Soon, we’ll be able to enjoy that classic man-on-man action in stunning 3D.

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Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb (which is indeed the real subtitle, I checked several times) is scheduled to release on Steam in Q1 2018. It still features well-hung climbs to human tower supremacy, featuring intimate occasions for both online and offline multiplayer.

Also, dangling dongs. Pendulous pricks. Windswept wangs.

The game will also feature challenges to unlock as you go, which – okay, honestly, whoever’s writing copy at Stegersaurus Software has already written this paragraph more appropriately than I could dream to. “Advance and unlock new setups to up the challenge for you and your opponents. Erect new tower shapes generated as you compete. Pace yourself to conserve your reserve time to get those extra few inches when you really need it…”

Generous genitals aside, Mount Your Friends has always been a legitimately lovable multiplayer physics challenge whose charm goes way beyond its innuendo, and the trip into the third dimension seems to be capturing all of that charm.