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Infamous free-to-play fighting game announces final launch date

Multiversus, the Warner Bros free-to-play fighting game that disappeared last year, has now set a date for its final version's launch.

Multiversus final launch date announced: Superman, from Multiversus.

Multiversus has followed a strange road to its final launch. The free-to-play cartoon fighting game garnered immediate attention for its vibrant visual style and a wide-ranging cast of recognizable characters. It seemed set to take a place next to fighters like Brawlhalla or Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl when it came out in an open beta in 2022, but its reputation (and player count) soon took a hit due to lackluster seasonal updates and its implementation of microtransactions. When the open beta ended last year, despite earlier statements that it would run through to the game’s final launch, players were further incensed that they’d spent money on in-game items that would now be lost. Now, with all of this baggage attached, Multiversus is set to come out once again.

Player First Games, the creators of Multiversus, has announced that the fighting game has been dramatically reworked in advance of its final May 28 launch. In a video detailing these changes, director Tony Huynh details that the game has switched to Unreal Engine 5, been rebuilt to use updated netcode, and has added on a new PvE mode. There will also be new fighters introduced to the game, with plenty of extra moves brought to the existing roster, too.

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Whether these changes are enough to wash the bad taste out of previous players’ mouths will have to be seen. We’ll know soon enough, though, when Multiversus launches for real in late May.

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