Murdered: Soul Suspect asks if you can solve your own killing


The hardest case to solve is your own murder, or at least that’s what Square Enix are claiming as they reveal Murdered: Soul Suspect. The game will “take
players into a whole
new realm
of mystery where the case is personal ad
the clues just out of reach,” though beyond that the clues are scant so far. Soul Suspect is set for release early next year.

Click through to see a (very short) trailer with gruff voiceover and a noir feel.

That gives me strange flashbacks to that sentimental old Patrick Swayze vehicle, Ghost. Come to think of it, the idea of someone solving their own murder isn’t a thousand miles away from the plot of that film.

For the game’s website, Square have only gone and registered, through which they tell us you can “hunt for leads.” As usual, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and our noses clean.