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Adorable crafting sandbox My Time At Portia enters Steam early access today

My Time at Portia

Open-world RPG My Time At Portia enters Steam Early Access later today. The game, developed by China-based indie studio Pathea Games, tasks you with exploring the charming and colourful world of Portia.

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From the trailer (which you can watch above) My Time At Portia draws from crafting games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley. At the beginning of the game you’ll arrive in Portia, having inherited your father’s workshop. With his tools and resources gathered from the world around you, you’ll have to develop your home before striking out into the wider world beyond.

There’s a significant focus on community, and every day you’ll be able to help out local villagers to help make Portia feel like home. Once you’ve established yourself, you can head to the outskirts of town to explore the dangerous dungeons and ruins, and discover the secrets of Portia.

My time at Portia will be available on PC via Early Access from 16:00 GMT. A press release from Pathea Games says the game currently “contains many key features and hours of engaging gameplay, but there are plenty more planned on the journey to full release.”