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My Time At Portia is an adorable blend of Stardew Valley, Dark Cloud, and Studio Ghibli

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With Stardew Valley back in the news, it’s a terrific time to remember how nice videogames can be. Games about building things, and raising animals, and helping cute little people with everyday problems. My Time At Portia is just such a game, and it’s building on the legacy of some of the best titles in its genre for an adorable bit of adventure with self-described visual influences from films like Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa.

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Portia is a town at the edge of the known world, and you’ve been left a workshop there where you can build a new life. Gather materials, craft new tools, forage for resources, and eventually upgrade yourself to be the best workshop in the land. All the stuff you’d expect from a game of this type, but implemented with loads of charm.

The big focus is on a lovable set of townspeople to befriend (or romance), with their own schedules, jobs, and behaviours to explore. Of course, if you just need to swing a sword, there will be dungeons to explore and monsters to slay, netting you access to ever more exotic items and materials.

There’s currently a substantial alpha demo on Steam, and while it’s definitely rough around the edges in its early state, it’s a tremendously promising start. My Time At Portia is coming via Chinese studio Pathea Games, and Team17 have announced they’ll be partnering to publish the game. It’s currently stretching to meet a modest funding goal on Kickstarter, but with the aid of a publisher it seems the title will come to life regardless.

My Time At Portia is set to hit Steam Early Access early next year.