Mysterious Cities of Gold kickstarter aims to turn classic cartoon into game


Earlier this year the new series of The Mysterious Cities of Gold finally came together. First aired in the 80s, it’s taken almost 30 years to get back on our screens. I say “our screens” but it’s currently only being aired in France. We have no say about getting an English translation of the series. We do have a say about whether the game based on the new series comes to our platform and in a language other than French.

It’s going to take a little money, though.

The series is set in 1532 and follows Esteban as he searches for his father in South America’s seven cities of gold. He’s joined by Incan prisoner Zia and Tao, the last descendant of the sunken empire of Hiva. It goes a little science fiction after that. The three children find a giant flying golden bird and other ancient technologies that had been lost to time.

The game will follow the series pretty strictly. The developers are using a number of the same assets as the studio who made the new series. They’re even taking bits of the cartoon to use as cutscenes. The space in between these cutscenes will be filled with stealthy infiltrations and puzzles where you have to use the three differently-skilled children to solve the problem.

The team are looking for $30,000 to port the game to PC from the Wii and adapt it’s touch screen interface into something more resembling Double Fine’s control system for The Cave. The money will also go towards an English localisation of the game.

If they exceed their target, every extra $2,000 will see the game localised to a different language.

Here’s that rousing intro music:

Suitably roused? Right, go pledge.