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Nantucket takes you on a hunt for the mythical Moby Dick, and it’s out next week


Nantucket, an RPG set in the Golden Age of whaling, and based on the world of the 1851 Herman Melville novel Moby Dick, is out next week.

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The seafaring RPG allows you to explore the waves as Ishmael, the narrator of Melville’s novel, and the sole survivor of his ship, the Pequod. As you develop your character, ship, and crew, you’ll make money by landing jobs and hunting whales. Of course, it wouldn’t be the high seas without the odd pirate, and as such a turn-based combat system will allow you to fight off enemy ships.

The biggest prize in old-timey whaling is obviously the mythical white whale Moby Dick, and throughout the game you’ll follow an original story as you chase down the aquatic behemoth. Nantucket takes place a few years after the events of the novel as Ishmael returns to the sea to continue the hunt.

Nantucket is out next week, on Thursday, January 18, 2018. You can check out a sea-shanty-themed trailer above, and get a look at some of the game’s mechanics as well as the white whale himself.