Undersea survival horror Narcosis surfaces on Steam March 28

Narcosis Launch

Acting as the true last frontier of the Earth, what better place to set a survival horror game than in the deepest depths of the ocean. Casting players as an industrial diver trapped within a half ton diving suit in the Pacific Ocean, Narcosis sounds like quite the claustrophobic experience.

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After being stranded at the bottom of the sea after an industrial accident, Narcosis has divers trying to get back to the surface while walking around in what amounts to a walking coffin. With limited tools and a constantly dropping oxygen level, your sanity starts to wane as players desperately try to reach the light of the surface. There are no hidden organisations or eldritch horrors to fight against in Narcosis, all the beasts that you meet are ones you’d actually find in the pitch black abyss of the Pacific Ocean. That somehow makes things more terrifying.

Things will get exponentially creepier as your diver slowly loses his sanity. Sounds will distort, hallucinations will start messing with your brain as alien creatures swim up from the pitch black abyss to attack your suit. Narcosis is fully compatible with VR, so expect things to become ten times more frightening as you actually look around to see what beasts are lurking in the darkness, ready to pounce.

While I’m a huge wimp, Narcosis does look like a welcome departure from the usual tropes you see in most horror games. The lack of made up monsters, the conceit of the diver’s suit and the grounding in reality seem like all the ingredients to create a unique horror experience. Expect tons of YouTubers to be screaming the lungs out when this comes out.

If you’re looking for a jaunt along the bottom of the beautiful briny sea, Narcosis is set to launch on Steam March 28.