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Nazieye: Sniper Elite 3 perforates skulls in first trailer

Sniper Elite 3

Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series has spent too long in decrepit Europe. Whilst WW2 shooters are not hiding behind every corner these days, we’re still overly familiar with war-torn France, so any opportunity to explore the World War’s other battlefields is greatly appreciated. Thankfully Sniper Elite 3 is winding back the clock from V2, taking us to 1942 and the campaign against the Afrika Korps. Best get your desert boots. 

As is required for a Sniper Elite game, the trailer includes gratuitous detail thanks to the slow-motion kill cam, this time not only offering organ explosions and simple bone breaks, but the gradual shattering of an eye socket as the trauma of the bullet impact spreads over a German soldier’s skull. How wonderful.

Once again you’ll be playing OSS army man Karl Fairburne as his infiltrates Libya and perforates Nazis everywhere. Presumably appearances will be made by Africa theatre celebrities Erwin Rommel and Bernard Montgomery. Target practice starts sometime next year.

Thanks, VG247.