A new gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Payback shows the game in full 4K, 60fps action


Racing games really are the cream of the crop for photorealistic gameplay right now. To prove it, new footage of Need for Speed Payback has surfaced in the crispest form ever: 60fps, 4K. It’s only a two-minute-long video, but the game looks gorgeous.

In case you want to see all of our hardware coverage, and maybe get an idea of what you need for a 4K rig, it’s all right here

So, watch that beauty up above to see what the game might look like for you if you’ve got a truly beefy PC. If not: well, it still looks utterly brilliant, I’ve not got a 4K monitor myself but, heck, I can tell Payback will still look great on it.

In case you missed it, EA did also release a story trailer for Need for Speed Payback during their Gamescom conference, which looks like a story straight out of a Fast & Furious fanfic – this is a very good thing in my book. You can check that out here.

I wonder what the crashes look like in 4K…