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Need for Speed shows us the game’s deep customisation options in a new trailer


Do you know what was really good (at least to my stupid, teenage brain)? Need for Speed: Underground was really good. One of the things that made it really good was all the customisation options you had. You really could make something unique and that looked good (at least to my stupid, teenage brain). 

Do you know what isn’t really good? The voiceover in this trailer:

I feel like the voiceover is aiming at people with stupid, teenage brains, and my ears don’t like it. No, sir. The actual game bits looked lovely, though – that Frostbite engine once again showing that it knows how to do videogame puddles. EA should publish a game about puddles. There, I said it.

Anyway, the customisation stuff looks good, eh? If you’re anything like me and spend far too much time pissing about with face sliders before actually starting any RPG, you’ll probably spend more time than is healthy kitting out your rides.

You’ll be able to find out if this is true when Need for Speed launches on PC in spring, 2016.