Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer reveals game begins with all cars unlocked and other details


Criteriaon are beginning to lift the bonnet on Need for Speed: Most Wanted (read: Burnout Paradise 2), talking about the singleplayer mode in a new video. It’s throwing grit in the eyes of tradition in a number of ways, foremost among these is to do away with the car unlock mode. Well, sort of. More on that after the break.

So, there’s a ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ element to the proceedings. I want to see how it works within the game; while a great game, Paradise’s main grind, for me, was how even once you’d unlocked a car you had to drive to a garage to change wheels. The car was yours, why did you have to wait to use it?It’s not made clear in the video whether this problem would be alleviated by this new system, though. It suggests that, instead, a car is only available at a specific point in the city and that you must travel to it. If true, that’s even less convenient than a garage.

Otherwise, Most Wanted is looking exceptionally cool, tying the freedom, and fun, of the Burnout games to the thrill of cops and robbers chases from the Need for Speed games. We’ll be keeping a beady eye out.