Need for Speed Rivals features EMPs and the Ferrari 458 Spider


Need for Speed Rivals’ creators have been in Cologne talking up the salient features of their simultaneously single player, co-op and multiplayer racer, which include a swish Ferrari.

The developers also revealed their Undercover Cop in a new trailer. Don’t think you might have blown somebody’s cover there, guys?

The Ferrari in question is a 458 Spider – “back in the game after seven years away from Need for Speed”, said Ghost Games’ Marcus Nilsson. “We think that’s awesome.” And we knew he meant it, because he clapped along with the crowd.

Before that, though, there was a demo race, which seemed like standard fare for co-developers Criterion – until the player crossed the finish line, and was immediately tasked with outrunning the police.

The Undercover Cop trailer climaxes in surreal style when the driver we’ve been following fires an EMP pulse, sending pursuing cars clattering impotently across the street ahead.

Gosh, I can’t wait to use that in “co-op” on November 19. How about you?