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Neverwinter MMO on show at Gamescom


Perfect World’s free-to-play MMO Neverwinter will be strutting its stuff at Gamescom next week by allowing people to play the ‘Storming the Keep’ public event.

Perfect World is hoping for the public events are to be one the main draws of the fantasy MMO as they provide a regular outlet for new
content. Though, they do sound particularly akin to the system implemented in Guild Wars 2.

Neverwinter would likely have got the drop on ArenaNet’s game had it stuck to its original slated release of 2011. However, since its
first announcement – where it was being developed by Cryptic for Atari – it’s switched publishers, the development studio has been
acquired and hashed into another, and the game has become a free-to-play title, each time pushing back the game’s expected
release date.

Nevertheless, Neverwinter is currently set for a release later this year and booth-vistors at Gamescom can fight off bandits at the Black Dagger Ruins to their heart’s content.

Here’s what it looked like last year: