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Neverwinter is no longer a beta, now a real game


Neverwinter has exited beta and is now live as the full version of the game. Set in the same Forgotten Realms universe as the Neverwinter Nights RPGs, the MMO is available to play right now.

The beta attracted 1.5 million players, which indicates it had some degree of popularity. If you like dungeons and dragons, swords and sorcery, this might be the place for you.

The final launch of Neverwinter brings with it Gauntlgrym, which is a new ‘twist’ on level 60 PvP and PvE content, along with the profession of Alchemy.

Later on this year Neverwinter will receive a free expansion module: Fury of the Feywild. This will introduce a new region to the world – Sharandar – as well as three new campaign areas, three new instances, new enemies, new loot and a dungeon. New professions will be added too: Weaponsmithing and Artificing.

If you want to roll those D10 without having to actually roll one, head over to the Neverwinter website and grab the client.