Neverwinter servers sent back in time to prevent Auction exploit from happening


Residents of Neverwinter might feel like a certain bow-tie wearing Time Lord has been at work, but that’s not the case. MMO beta Neverwinter has been rolled back by a few days to undo the damaged caused by an exploit found in the Auction House and Astral Diamond Exchange.

“This past weekend, the Neverwinter community helped us to identify a major exploit involving the Auction House and Astral Diamond Exchange, which we promptly addressed through a number of corrective actions, including permanent bans on exploitative accounts and a necessary rollback to the time before the exploit was initiated,” explains a statement on the Neverwinter website.

“We realize the frustration that the rollback and related downtime may have caused and are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. We’re also overwhelmed by your positive support and patience during the downtime, as well as your assistance in identifying the issue and helping us to develop and implement a solution as quickly as possible.”

Developer Cryptic has offered a package to players as way of apology for messing with the passage of time. The Caterday Survivor’s Pack contains a Stone of Health, the Cape of Catastrophe, a Dwarven facemask, five Teleport Scrolls to the Protector’s Enclave, and two Adventurer’s XP Boosters.

If you created your character before 5am PDT pm May 19th you’ll be recieving the pack of goodies through the in-game mail shortly.