Neverwinter video introduces the Devoted Cleric class


While I wasn’t entirely taken with the pre-rendered trailer released for Neverwinter earlier this week (it was a little pants). This latest footage, which is representative of the game, is a little more meaty. It doesn’t break the game out from RPG-generica but, well, it seems to be doing generica quite well.

Below the break meet the Devoted Cleric class.

Nothing in the video gives the impression of originality, a familiar setting (I realise that Neverwinter itself is not a new setting but I mean the environments on show in the video are a little tired), familiar powers, familiar art-style.

However, even if the game isn’t pushing any boundaries it looks like a solid effort. The animations give the combat speed and I like how mobile everything is when fighting. It’s common in RPGs to have characters simply run up to one another and stand there hitting each other until one of them falls down dead.

The video does also raise the question of the cleric’s epithet: ‘Devoted’. I want this to mean there will be an undevoted cleric, a lazy cleric, a bit of a shit cleric. A character who skipped cleric class to go clubbing and so turns up to battle kitted out in glowsticks and packing pills but is woefully under-equipped for combat. Maybe in the next character video, maybe.

Due for release later this year you can try your luck with getting into the Neverwinter beta over here.

Cheers for the spot, VG247.