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New Firefall patch allows players to dress up for Halloween, introduces feral canines


The Halloween-themed Night of the Melding event comes as part of a larger update for the game and gives Firefall players the chance to buy spooky masks and hats, in addition to warpaints and decals. Halloween collectibles are on sale at Luau Larry’s store and feral dogs are roaming the wilds. But they’re nice dogs, right? Right?

The patch weighs in at about 1.9Gb and, as well as giving everyone the opportunity to dress up, it introduces a host of new monsters, new abilities and tweaks to the game.

As well as those feral dogs, players will have to watch out for creatures like the betentacled Nautilus and the angry bird that is the Jungle Harrier. Improvements to the game include changes to the game menus and interface, an overhaul of the watchtowers and improvements to the game map.

Each battleframe gets to enjoy some new abilities, too. Anyone with an Assault battleframe can now torch their enemies by hovering over them and using their jetpacks, or by launching into the air with an explosive blast. Biotechs can throw healing plasma toward their allies, Dreadnaughts get explosive ammunition, Recons can now drop decoys and Engineers can deploy supply stations that replenish health and ammunition.

Those are just some of the many, many changes. For a complete breakdown, check out the Firefall forums here.

Oh, and beards are on sale now. Beards.