New Gundam Breaker lets you build and battle Gunpla on PC in June

new gundam breaker pc release date

Gundam has remained popular through nearly 40 years in part because people really love building tiny models of giant robots. Bandai have become especially proficient at capitalizing on that side of the fandom, with anime all about building Gundam plastic models – Gunpla, if you’re the right kind of dork – and even a series of games centered on the tiny death machines. Now Gundam Breaker is finally getting localized, and it’s coming to PC.

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New Gundam Breaker launches on Steam alongside PlayStation 4 on June 22. This is the first time the Breaker series has been officially localized, and a rare opportunity to get some Gundam action on PC. Like the first three Gundam Breakers, the new game has you building a custom model out of various parts for a unique robot with specialized abilities.

You can mix and match pretty much any parts you want, swapping bits from Gundams, Zakus, and far more as you build your ideal model, then take it into battle against swarms of enemies. Naturally, you can also work on perfecting paint jobs to bring the whole look together.

We now live in a magical time where even Gundam games get localized, and on top of that they’re getting PC ports. Truly a brave new era. Bandai Namco still have plans to “aggressively” build new franchises, but at least we’re getting old ones in new places in the meantime.