New Pitched Battle mode will come to War of The Roses this Wednesday


You’ll have but one life per round in the new game mode, which will surely encourage players to be a lot less careless in combat, and it sounds a bit like medieval Counter-Strike, if you ask me. Pitched battle will begin as an open beta which all players will be able to join while it’s being tested and tweaked. War of the Roses will also receive a cart-load of new weapons and a selection of armour for players to try on for size.

In what publishers Paradox are calling “the first in a series of monthly content updates,” we’ll see the new Kingmaker sword, an additional set of heavy armour, four new visors and seven new weapons. The weapons include a halberd, a horn-spanned crossbow and a gothic mace, something I assume is a standard mace that wears moody makeup and actually turns out to be really friendly if you don’t simply judge it on appearance.

Anyway, here’s a picture of some armour for you, courtesy of Paradox: