The Theme Park creators are returning to their roots with a new game


Two Point Studios is a new company formed by Gary Carr, creative director at Lionhead Studios from 2011 through 2015, and Mark Webley, one of the original Lionhead co-founders. They both got their start during the Bullfrog era, working on the Theme games that delighted many a child and blew up many a head. Now they’re planning to make more games in that style.

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“Our vision is to return to the fun, deep and elegantly crafted business management sims, that we used to make at Bullfrog & Lionhead,” reads the currently-empty recruitment page for the company on Workable. Theme Game Studio, anyone?

The news comes via the announcement that Sega have picked them up for publishing their first game. Sega Europe have an expanding portfolio of really good strategy bits – Total War and Amplitude’s Endless series, for example – and this looks like another feather in that cap. Carr specifically mentions that they’re working on “crafting a beautiful, charming and challenging sim game.”

However, it will be “early next year” before we find out more about their first project together, so says Sega Europe’s senior VP John Clark. According to the same press release, the team at Two Point now includes various other veterans of Lionhead and Bullfrog. They also say they will be hiring soon.

There will doubtless be more news to follow in the coming months at the official site.