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Next Car Game gets its tyres dirty for our viewing pleasure


Think of the next car game you’re likely to play. If you were thinking of Forza, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, the one where you look out the window and pretend you’re running down the street like an invisible Canabalt protagonist, or indeed anything that doesn’t look a bit like FlatOut, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Next Car Game is the only thing you’ll want to run in conjunction with a pretend steering wheel after watching this video.

As developers Bugbear explain, the footage features an early handling test on a dirt track in a meaty rear-wheel drive affair – essential information for anybody looking to judge the game’s ‘feel’ from afar.

Don’t waste your time on such fruitless quests, though. There’s already lots to appreciate about Next Car Game, even in pre-alpha: the way the damage model sees vehicles crumple inwards; the intertwined tracks in the road ahead; the ease with which the cars plough through the tyres that leaf the track.

Unfortunately, Bugbear seem to be struggling through their Kickstarter – possibly because the game’s been drifting in and out of the public eye for months now, like a time trial ghost. Have you backed it, either on Kickstarter or elsewhere?

Thanks, RPS.