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Next Firefall milestone to focus on PvE, developers Red 5 reveal

Up until now I've been calling Firefall an MMOFPS, when upon closer inspection it seems to be more of a first-person MMORPG (with guns). An FPMMORPG(WG), if you want to be absolutely clear. Adorable developers Red 5 recently overhauled Firefall, adding new features, changing classes, deleting stuff, re-arranging other stuff. The FPMMORPG(WG) is scarcely recognisable now, but Red 5 are already prepared to talk about what's coming next.

The next update is all about the 'MMORPG' bit of the convenient FPMMORPG(WG) label, focusing not on inter-player scrapping but on new Player vs Environment features. The development blog goes into tremendous detail on the plans for the next milestone, outlining everything from the jobs of each individual 'feature team' to the exact definition of a milestone by Red 5's terms.

Highlights of the milestone include new creatures, improved dynamic encounters, more missions and quests, more rewards and achievements and improved PvE combat. Work on bringing EU servers online is also mentioned, as are ongoing improvements to matchmaking.

While free-to-play, Red 5 are currently offering Founders Packages to anybody keen to get a headstart (or a bunch of tiki masks) in Firefall.

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