OlliOlli developers Roll7 working on a “multi-platform, multiplayer-focused” title with 505 Games

Next Roll7 game

Publishers 505 Games send word that they’ve teamed up with Roll7, developers of OlliOlli, its sequel and more recently Not A Hero, for a new game. There’s no name or details yet, but it’s promised to be “multi-platform, multiplayer-focused, and tap into one of the biggest current gaming trends.”

With a 2017 release date, it won’t be challenging for the best PC games of 2016.

If you’re already rushing to your local skin-gambling site to put it all on shooter-MOBA, you might be on the money. 505 also say that the game is “a complete departure for the studio” and Roll7’s “most ambitious project to date.”

“We have been impressed with 505’s approach to signing our next IP, they have been flexible, open and professional throughout the process,” says Simon Bennett, director of Roll7. “Our newly expanded team are excited and raring to move into full production in the next couple of months.”

It’ll be 2017 before we actually get to see what it is, but Roll7’s obvious confidence in what they’ve got coming up (as well as past successes), plus 505’s excitement, would suggest it’ll be one to watch out for.