Nidhogg 2 is out next month

Nidhogg 2

Good news for fans of forcing their friends to play against them at games they’re secretly amazing at – Nidhogg 2 is out on August 15. 

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If you didn’t play the first, Nidhogg is a couch-competitive game about duelling with swords. Positioning played an important role in the first game, and you could actually win a round just by getting past your opponent and legging it to the other side of the screen – watch they don’t throw their sword at the back of your head, mind.

The super retro look of the last game has been swapped out for the sequel, though, which features a completely different art style altogether. It looks like swaying grass has also been replaced by meat grinders, conveyor belts, and similar dangers in the process.

Nidhogg’s retro aesthetic was a product of necessity, as it allowed the developers to quickly iterate with animations. This time, however, they’re having more fun with it.

There’s more on the new design over on the PS Blog.