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Nier: Automata was originally a PC exclusive

neir automata pc exclusive

2017 has been a ridiculously strong year for videogames, and the fact that Nier: Automata, which was released back in February, still holds up as one of the best is a testament to its quality. And, it turns out, it could have been all ours, PC-playing reader. All ours.

In an interview with WowJapan, Nier: Automata’s producer Yosuke Saito reveals that it was originally only coming out on PC.

“We had planned to release the game only for PC,” Saito says. “However, following input from the publishers the decision was made for the game to be released on the PlayStation 4 as well. The game was created on Platinum game’s engine, which was geared towards the PC. So ultimately the platform choice had no bearing on the way the game was designed. [...] Most of the development process is done on the PC anyway, we ran with it.”

Of course, we don’t begrudge our console brethren this shared joy… much.



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Braneman avatarDarkedone02 avatar1kca avatarsh4rp3r avatar
Darkedone02 Avatar
5 Months ago

It's about time we remove the exclusivity of titles... and let everyone have the chance to buy and play it on their system...

because mostly it's all about the games and the power behind it, and we all well known the power the PC excels that of consoles if you could afford it... and consoles these days are mini-computers into itself, just a set priced cheaper and more stricter on your freedoms to do things like download mods for example.

1kca Avatar
5 Months ago

What a joke. I don't really want to pick this up on PS4 either because it contributes to the whole "console is a bigger market" thing.

sh4rp3r Avatar
5 Months ago

But the game is poorly optimized on PC!.

Braneman Avatar
5 Months ago

I'm glad it wasn't PC exclusive the Devs can't do a PC port to save their lives, they should go back to 1992 where the standard to encode their horribly bloated cutscenes came from.

For reference if you've ever had a performance issue with Nier Automata it's because the devs didn't bother to optimize the game and either a cutscene is loading with 20x the bandwith that it actually needs, or the lighting is so bad some random guys fixes can improve your performance by double digits.

(needed to make an edit because the cutscenes are actually 40MB/s so they're 20x bloated not 10x)