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Night in the Woods follow-up Revenant Hill has been cancelled

Revenant Hill, the follow-up to the charming but eerie Night in the Woods, has officially been canceled due to developer health issues.

Revenant Hill, with a wide-eyed cat sitting atop a fallen statue.

Award nominated and award winning adventure Night in the Woods was on course to receive a follow-up in the form of Revenant Hill. However, in light of health issues that have impacted the team, developer The Glory Society has cancelled the game.

Night in the Woods asks whether you can ever really go home, as its protagonist Mae returns to her dwindling home town. Released in 2017, the game tells of Mae’s quest to reconnect to some unusual places in a largely character driven adventure.

I wouldn’t describe it as full-on horror but it was on the eerie side and, given how players embraced it, it’s not surprising that The Glory Society set out to make a follow-up.

Announced earlier this year, it wasn’t an official sequel but it was going to feature similar themes, also set in a town that’s slowly falling apart. As Twigs the cat, you’d have to find ways to make end meet. And, as you can tell from the trailer, it had the same art style as Night in the Woods.

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But that’s now not happening, due to health issues within the team. This isn’t necessarily the end of The Glory Society as a developer but as the team put it, “this is the end of development on Revenant Hill.”

Tweeting earlier today, the developer explained that two of the team have had to step away due to serious health issues. The Glory Society’s team took on multiple roles and this, in turn, meant they’d lost ‘several hard to replace hats’.

The statement added that “this was the clear path to take for the well-being of the team, which is frankly more important than games.” They’re not wrong.

The team went on to thank all those who have supported them, signing off with “Take care of each other, and support the workers doing the labor of making the games you love. We’ll see you around.” Let’s hope that wherever they end up they get to make games on their own terms.

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