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How to get Essence Dust in Nightingale

If you need to repair your gear or have something you want to purchase from a trader, here's where to find Essence Dust in Nightingale.

How do you get Essence Dust in Nightingale? The new survival game has a myriad of different crafting and building skills, making traversing realms and exploring biomes to gather resources a highly unique way of approaching survival. In your time in Nightingale, your gear, weapons, and armor all need to be repaired, but unlike using a workbench or specially crafted hammer, Nightingale requires you to use Essence Dust.

Now the Nightingale release date is here, we’ve spent time in the game to know what it takes to survive Nightingale’s early game including how Nightingale realm cards work, and how to increase your gear rating. However, if you’re having trouble locating Essence Dust or want to know which items produce the most dust, here’s what we know so far.

Where to find Essence Dust in Nightingale

Essence Dust unlocks once you’ve completed a few tutorial missions in the Swamp realm, the third realm which you’re tasked to visit in the tutorial by Puck. Essence Dust can be found everywhere, as it’s extracted from items in your inventory.

Nightingale Essence Dust cost in inventory

To extract Essence Dust, go to your inventory and right click on the item you want to extract dust from, and you’ll see how much dust you can yield. Some items produce more dust than others, we found that plants and flowers produced the most Essence Dust, and are easy to locate in most of the realms we explored.

How to repair items in Nightingale using Essence Dust

What is Essence Dust used for in Nightingale

Essence Dust can be used to repair items such as gear which are worn over time and in combat. To use Essence Dust to automatically repair all items, go to your inventory and click the ‘Repair All’ button at the bottom. It shows how much dust you need and whether you have that available.

Essence Dust can also be used at Essence Traders to purchase blueprints for the sewing machine, workstations, augmentations, and refinements, who can be found throughout the realms.

Now you know how to locate Essence Dust in Nightingale and use it to repair items, here are all the Nightingale bosses you can expect to face.