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All Nightingale Twitch drops and how to claim

Nightingale is a particularly stylish game, so make sure you look the part in whichever realm you appear with Nightingale Twitch drops.

Nightingale Twitch drops: A female character from Nightingale wears a large brimmed hat and holds a revolver on a purple backdrop.

How do you get the Nightingale Twitch drops? Nightingale is a fantasy RPG set in a beautiful Victorian Era world, so if glorious aesthetics are high on your list of must-haves in a new game, Nightingale has it in spades.

And, if looks are important to you, then you probably want to make sure your character looks the part in the survival game, which they certainly will with these free Nightingale Twitch drops. No matter which magical Fae world you wind up in, show off to your Nightingale multiplayer friends and NPCs with the cosmetics below.

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When to get Nightingale Twitch drops

The first set of Nightingale Twitch drops are available from February 20 to February 27, 2024, starting and ending at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm GMT.

This coincides with the Nightingale release date, celebrating the RPG game’s first steps through the portal and into the real world. Make sure you aren’t too busy playing in your first week to watch other people play, or you’ll miss out on your very dapper purple cosmetics.

To earn the rewards, you must watch Nightingale streamers between these times, but you will have slightly longer to claim your drops following the campaign end date.

The February Nightingale Twitch drops, including a purple umbrella and a dapper dog.

All Nightingale Twitch drops rewards

There are four drops to claim during this Nightingale Twitch drops campaign, and each requires a different length of watch time. Here are each of the Nightingale Twitch drop rewards and the required time to unlock them:

Reward Watch time required
Umbrella Two hours
Outfit 1 Four hours
Outfit 2 Six hours
Distinguished Puppy Eight hours

This is actually one of the longest Twitch drops requirements we’ve seen in recent campaigns, but it’s worth it – just look at that dapper dachshund. The style of Nightingale is already firmly inspired by the Victorian era, and this is clear from the clothing and accessories available from these Twitch drops, with the added Twitch purple, of course.

How to claim Nightingale Twitch drops

To claim your Nightingale Twitch drops having watched eight hours of gameplay, you must have your Twitch account linked to your Steam or Epic account – whichever you play Nightingale on.

  • Sign in to your Twitch account, and manage your connections.
  • Ensure your Steam or Epic account is linked, or link it if not.
  • For Epic Games, follow this link to find your connections.
  • Head to your Twitch drops inventory.
  • Click ‘Claim’.
  • Find your rewards in-game!

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