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Nimbus Knights shows us more of the Oculus Touch


Combined with the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Touch looks like it could be an interesting bit of tech. I wasn’t sold on it at first – it was the photo of the guy up above that put me off. I knew we’d all look stupid wearing head clamps, but that guy looks tragic. 

Luckily, I mostly like to play videogames in a room by myself, so nobody will ever see me looking like I’m tweaking an imaginary person’s nipples and loving it. Hopefully.

The Nimbus Knights gameplay trailer shows us more of the potential of the Oculus Touch controllers in what seems like a light strategy, physics sandbox hybrid.

You use a platform to ferry your knights between floating islands, poke at the enemies and tug at the environment, as your hands on the screen mimic your actions with virtual Touch controllers. You can pluck objects like trees from the ground and use them to poke your enemies, and you can even throw items between your hands.

It looks intuitive and makes me wish someone made a new Black and White so we could throw tiny villagers into the sea and stroke massive, furry, virtual beasts, all day. Check out the trailer below: