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Elden Ring dev’s pre-Soulslike removed from Steam

Elden Ring developer FromSoftware's non-Sekiro pre-Demon's Souls ninja game is delisted - the Ninja Blade Steam version is now removed

Elden Ring dev's earlier game Ninja Blade Steam removed

Elden Ring developer FromSoftware’s last pre-Soulslike game is now gone, as the Ninja Blade Steam release is delisted from the storefront. Steam was the only place you could buy and play the studio’s final game before Demon’s Souls on PC, so it is now impossible to play Ninja Blade – unless you own it already.

Demon’s Souls released on PS3 back in 2009 and received massive acclaim for being a very different type of action-adventure game from anything else at the time. We’re still waiting on Demon’s Souls to come to PC, but it inspired all of FromSoftware’s games since – from Dark Souls to last month’s phenomenally successful Elden Ring.

However, FromSoftware released another game in 2009 called Ninja Blade, which is a bit more of a traditional hack-and-slash action game. It wasn’t the studio’s best game, but unlike Demon’s Souls, it at least was on PC. Until this week, however, as Ninja Blade has now been quietly delisted from Steam and is no longer available for purchase.

Steam states that this is “at the request of the publisher”, so either ND Games or bitComposer. According to recent reviews, the game may not have worked at all under Windows 10 or more recent GPUs and CPUs, with some stating that the “controls and graphics” are messed up.

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Even at the start, Ninja Blade sounded like a pretty poor PC port, so maybe it’s for the best. For a more pleasurable experience, Elden Ring is likely the better bet.

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