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Fictional budget restraints see No Man’s Sky reimagined as an FMV reboot based in Slough

No Man's Sky

Sad news. No Man’s Sky appeared a little ambitious when it was announced, and it seems maybe an infinite universe was just too much for the small team at Hello Games after all. 

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Development has been scaled back, forgoing the ever-expanding, procedurally generated universe for a Google Maps-inspired take on Slough, Berkshire.

But not really. It’s only a daft video that splices footage of Hello Games founder Sean Murray with footage of the greyest town on Earth to great comedic effect.

Why Slough, though? “I’d like to point out to people that it’s a real place, you know,” says Murray in the parody. “I think it looks quite nice in places.”

I won’t spoil the rest for you because it’s gold – especially Murray’s answer when asked why the developer changed the game from procedurally generated to FMV.

Have a watch below: