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No Man’s Sky displays motivational quotes upon death, with words from greats such as Carl Sagan and… Jaden Smith.

No Man's Sky

If you plough your spaceship into the side of an asteroid in No Man’s Sky, as your vision fades to black and breath leaves your body, motivational quotes appear on screen. Think death in Call of Duty, and you’re on the right track. These quotes will include words from science-fiction writers, philosophers, and Twitter man of wisdom Jaden Smith.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray spoke about the quotes in an interview with Gamespot, where he revealed that one infamous Smith quote to be included will be “How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real.”

Apparently this quote was going to be on-screen in the PlayStation press conference demo, but Sony wouldn’t allow it. Instead, a Carl Sagan quote was used.

Murray explained that Smith’s quotes are being used to prevent the game from feeling too pretentious, especially since many other quotes are from scientists and scholars.