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No Man’s Sky has destructible terrain and awesome space combat

No Mans Sky E3 2015

Hello Games took their wildly ambitious No Man’s Sky on stage at Sony’s E3 press conference, and once more showed us a little more of what we can expect to see in their procedurally generated galaxy. 

For the first time we get a look at the game’s large-scale combat. As the trailer opens you can see two AI factions fighting with their capital ships, and you can pick a side and join in or simply observe.

After showing off the mind-melting galaxy map where every star is a real solar system you can visit, the player ship was landed on a planet dubbed ‘E3’ to have a little explore. One of many things you can do is upload your exploration details to beacons to chart your discoveries, and these beacons can be found by scanning planets with your ship. Players will need to be careful when planetside though, as not only is there wildlife, but AT-ST-like Sentries that are looking for troublemakers. Hello Games used the opportunity to blast away at some destructible terrain, which caught the attention of the machine.

Still no release date, but Hello Games promise one very soon. No Man’s Sky is coming to PC and PS4.