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No Man's Sky creator gets death threats in the wake of delay

No Man's Sky

The team at Hello Games haven't had the best run of luck. The Guildford-based studio was flooded on Xmas Eve, 2013 - all their PCs, laptops, furniture and development kits were destroyed, and a bunch of work was lost. Now they're facing a delay on the verge of launch, which has lead to immature idiots on the internet who don't deserve videogames sending them death threats.

You know, instead of sending death threats to people who have been working hard for years to make something nice for you, you could always play the titles in our list of the best space games.

At the time of the flooding, Hello Games said they wouldn't let the misfortune cause a delay, but that was two years ago, and plans change.

If their infinitely explorable universe needs more time, just give them more time. Maybe play a different game, interact with some real people, hibernate, or have a really long cry - do anything, but don't tell a stranger you will kill them because videogames. 

Hello Games founder Sean Murray did the best thing he could in this situation, diffusing it in the classiest way possible. 

While he's making light of it on Twitter, imagine having to explain to your family why random internet people keep saying they're going to murder you.

When Kotaku broke the news of the delay before the official announcement, games writer Jason Schreler got the same treatment from a bunch of rabid fans.

Just wait until they get their hands on the game and they all find out that only women are allowed in the sky. Ooh boy.

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AnAuldWolf avatarhfm avatarAkeldama avatarsubedii avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Oh, that's just ridiculous. And idiotic, frankly. In the actual sense of what the word idiot means. I doubt any of the people responsible for an action so vile would be any kind of clever.

Oh, humanity. Never failing to disappoint.

hfm Avatar
1 Year ago

These people obviously just need some other responsibility put onto them so they understand that this isn't the most important thing in their lives.

subedii Avatar
1 Year ago

Even if you _did_ consider gaming to be such a core part of your personal identity and life to begin with, surely they should know enough to like, NOT send people threats over things like this?

I mean what makes them think that's OK? It's not even OK for more _serious_ issues.

hfm Avatar
1 Year ago

Anonymity and instant communication channel gives the percentage of stupid things that people with low amounts of moral compass don't have to be accountable for a huge lift.

Akeldama Avatar
Akeldama(1 day 19 hours played)
1 Year ago

The epitome of gamerbro culture. Don't like something? Feeling upset? Threaten to kill people and dox them. Shameful idiots.