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No Man's Sky's new trailer showcases gathering and trading action

No Man's Sky trade

Update July 21, 2016: If peaceful profit making is what you want from your space travels, then No Man's Sky has you covered. 

A third trailer exploring No Man's Sky's core features has been released, this time focusing on trade. In the video we can see glimpses of the game's inventory and trading menus, how gathering materials is conducted, and even other friendly lifeforms. 

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It looks like we'll be using a kind of particle beam to break down ores and collect them, which can then be traded at giant space stations in order to make the money no-doubt needed to progress further to the centre of the universe. Interestingly these trades appear to be done on-foot inside the stations, as opposed to on spreadsheets from your ship computer. Seen a few times in the trailer is a TV-headed alien (hello Prince Robot from Saga!) who appears to be some kind of trader you can deal with. 

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That's three of No Man's Sky's four 'pillars' seen. Next up will be survival. 

Update July 20, 2016: If you fancy yourself a mercenary, the latest No Man's Sky trailer is aimed at your aggressive ass. 

No Man's Sky is a game that offers endless space so, perhaps also endless possibilities. Of course, lots of people - myself included - will probably use some of this freedom to shoot massive herbivore aliens. They call me David Gat-enborough. 

The latest trailer shows off a bit of that alien murdering, as well as the player having the fend off the automated security bots that want to kill you for all the alien murdering. There's also some lovely-looking space combat.

Check the video out below for all that good stuff:

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Original story July 14, 2016: No Man's Sky seems like a tough game to condense down into a trailer - endless stars, planets, and planetoids to explore, through space, below the atmosphere, on the ground and beneath the oceans, right across the circumference of these massive orbs.

You could spend your entire time in No Man's Sky on a single planet, documenting all the flora and fauna you come across, mining for materials and discovering its secrets. 

Of course, most will take to the stars and discover more planets - some might even go as far as trying to make it to the center of the universe. Or maybe you'll just float around the universe in your ship and become a trader. 

There are a lot of possibilities, so it's easy to see why Hello Games opt for the particular style of trailers they've been putting out for the space exploration game. It's basically an information overload in trailer form, with flashes of possibility giving us a small taste of its massive scale.

Here's the latest, which is all about exploration:

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No Man's Sky releases on August 9.

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Nillend Avatar
Nillend(8 days 17 hours played)
1 Year ago

I was always hyped for this game, anf after a long silence of footage, this trailer reminded me why. This game is going to be amazing

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

The people who designed the spaceships for Earth: Final Conflict are probably weeping at this point. What happened to sci-fi, when did it turn into a stomping grounds for neo-luddites? How did that happen?? How... How could that happen? How is that even a thing?

Look at that glass cockpit, and those early '00s LCD monitors with a UI that can only be described as 'fancy DOS.' I don't know. It just feels so completely anachronistic and lazy. I wanted to like this game but I know I'll never play it. We have the Microsoft HoloLens now, and even Deus Ex: Human Revolution with its NEAR FUTURE setting was more futuristic than this.

Every time I see sci-fi which is so much less futuristic than the world we live in, I die a little inside. I probably die a lot inside. We live in a world where quantum computing is very nearly a thing, we live in a world where actual robots have passed a self-awareness test that before only humans could, we live in a world where decades ago we could conceive of living bioships, holography, cool space technology, and...

I mean, even when compared against '50s retro sci-fi, this is old tech. I don't understand how this is happening. I don't understand how Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Captain Proton (from Voyager), and Flash Gordon are looking LEGIT more futuristic than modern "science-fiction."

And I'm not talking about science-fantasy, either. I'm talking about science-fiction. Looking at what we can do today and then extrapolating what we might be able to do a hundred years from now, ten thousand years from now, and what alien races might already have been able to accomplish.

It's depressingly stupid, narrow-minded, small-minded, and earthcentric. I recently wrote elsewhere that, as a species, we're so self-obsessed and obsessed with popular aesthetics that if an alien were to survey us, they'd probably classify us as 'Planet Narcissism: Ignore, Visit at Your Peril.'

Where did the science go? Where did the fiction go? Where did the truly fantastic go? It's really, really depressing. I don't want glass cockpits and old CRT/LCD monitors! I want spaceships that can kick out camera drones which are immune to EMPs because that's already NOT DIFFICULT. Today! I don't want glass windows! I want a robotic spaceship that's able to change its shape and reconfigure itself! Or I want a techno-organic spaceship that the pilot has bonded with in order to fly it telepathically!

I'm really sick of this. I hate this. I just want to go back to the '90s when sci-fi was sci-fi.

Footnote: Even Borderlands the Pre-Sequel made fun of this idiocy. With a guy that goes to 'crack a window because it's warm' and then gets sucked out into space. :I




What makes this worse, honestly, is... According to modern psychology, if you had windows that only looked out onto the black emptiness of space? People would actually start getting depressing and going crazy, because the human mind isn't even designed to deal with that. You'd start hallucinating that there are things out there in the bleak emptiness. People do this on aeroplanes already! The only people who'd want windows are pilots who're especially trained.

What you could have is a holographic window looking out onto a beautiful vista, either earth or alien. That'd be rad, and then you could have computer readouts telling you the most important things. I've actually pointed out that if I were going to the crapper in an alien ship, I'd probably want that. I could look out on an incredible vista, finish my biological horribleness, and then turn the window off. I actually want to see someone do this as a comedy skit.

But yes, there's so much wrong with sci-fi and I can only assume that this is because, unlike in the '90s, sci-fi is designed to appeal to less intelligent, normal people now. People who aren't very creative and don't think very much.

Magnum9 Avatar
1 Year ago

... you really are the worst.

I made an account just to say that.

holmesc Avatar
1 Year ago

I have to admit you are quite the eccentric. This was a fun read.