Not on PC at release: Peggle 2 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


It’s Gamescom this week, which means another exciting round of Games Which Absolutely Could be on PC but Arbitrarily Aren’t. EA haven’t even had their press talk yet – that’s this afternoon – but have already found time to pluck a couple of quite lovely new games from our grasp.

We’re losing the entirety of PopCap’s E3 roster – all two of it – to the Xbox One. So that’s competitive third-person shooter and unlikely Plants vs Zombies spinoff Garden Warfare, and Peggle 2 – which as far as anybody can tell retains all of the mechanical doohickies that made its predecessor such a masterful test of trajectories, as well as its trademark take on Ode to Joy.

Peggle 2 will launch alongside the next Xbox, while Garden Warfare will materialise at some point next year. Eventual PC release dates have been announced for neither – though I can’t imagine Peggle will stay off Facebook for long.

In fact, that’s especially bizarre for Peggle, isn’t it? Who plays that game on the Xbox?

Thanks, Joystiq.