Nova-111 launches on Steam


Delivering a clean, stylish visual style and blending real-time and turn-based mechanics, Nova-111 launched on Steam today. Its premise sounds intriguing, with it mixing two things that really shouldn’t go together, but will it be chilli infused chocolate, or will it be bananas smeared in yeast extract?

The studio behind the game blended the words “funk” and “electronic”, creating the name of their studio: Funktronic Labs. This proves they know how to mix stuff, at least.

If you’re interested, the game is 20% off on Steam until September. Nova-111 is a sci-fi adventure game that throws real-time danger into turn-based encounters, keeping you on your toes.


The story has you piloting your vessel through alien planets, in the search of some scientists to help restore the flow of time. As well as solving puzzles and searching the environment, you can deck your ship out with upgrades, unlocking new abilities and kicking ass in the name of science. With a studio called Funktronic Labs, how can it be bad?

Check out the release trailer below: