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Nuclear Throne nears completion with update #91: ‘the beginning of the end’


After years of updates, the journey is almost over for Vlambeer’s crunchy, cameo-filled shooter, Nuclear Throne. A big new update has sown the irradiated seeds of completion, and there will hopefully only be a few more before the game leaves Early Access like a shotgun blast to a mutant’s face.

With last week’s update causing some issues, update #91 is aimed at nuking them.

“It’s always a bit of a mess overhauling core systems, but we didn’t quite anticipate the level of carnage the update would bring,” wrote Rami Ismail on the community Steam page. “We hope this update fixes most of those issues, although some bugs and crashes might remain. Just let us know in the forums – while we might not respond to everything always, we do actually read everything.”

The latest update also adds some sort of placeholder ending once you get to the Nuclear Throne, hence ‘the beginning of the end’.

Though many of the issues from the last update have been fixed, the post does warn that adding new features like the ending can cause yet more problems. The game is still unfinished, after all.

As well as the new ending, there is now in-game art for all the crowns, and a singificantart update to the Sewers, Scrapyard, Caves and Frozen City. For the full list of tweaks, check out the Steam post.