Nutaku launches its new LGBTQ+ section with two new games

Adult gaming portal Nutaku has launched a new LGBTQ+ section, along with two exclusive new games

Adult gaming portal Nutaku has announced the introduction of a dedicated LGBTQ+ section on its website. While LGBTQ+ games have been present on the site before now, this is the first time that they’ll have their own section. To mark its arrival, Nutaku has also announced that two new titles will be making their way to the site.

In a statement issued via a press release, Nutaku’s proudct manager, Ben Faccio, says that the dedicated section has come into being because “the adult games currently available to the LGBTQ+ community are low quality, so we saw an opportunity to improve the current content available. We’ve been working to make out platform more inclusive, and this release is the first major step towards that goal.”

The new section (which is obviously NSFW) will see two interestingly-named titles make their way to the platform. The first of those is Men Bang, a casual dating sim featuring real-life adult film stars. The second is Gay Harem, “a casual action/adventure title offering up engaging, high-quality graphics.”

The new section is live now on the website, allowing you to choose between Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender-themed titles. You can check it out via the link the the paragraph above, but to reiterate, it’s very clearly NSFW.