Nvidia are working on a post-Shield handheld PC, reports suggest

Portal ran on the Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia have put together a handheld device designed to tap into your PC’s graphics card from afar, say the Beeb.

The Android machine will reportedly be sold alongside a budget controller, and is also capable of streaming PC games to TVs via its HDMI-out port. Which is definitely something, given the most recent Steam Machines delay.

The BBC’s source said the device can link up to a PC’s graphics card to “supercharge its own processing power” when elsewhere.

The option will be limited to GPUs compatible with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software, however. In the past, Nvidia have enabled PC streaming functionality only for their more powerful cards: namely the GeForce TITAN, GTX 700, GTX 600, GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and certain GTX 600Ms.

The new device will apparently run Android games natively too. In that respect, it’s a lot like the Nvidia Shield – but this machine will run Nvidia’s new Tegra K1 mobile chip, and won’t be tied to its controller by the same clunky form factor.

An Nvidia spokesperson told the BBC only that the company have an “awesome new gaming product that is launching soon”.

Given the already quite functional Steam in-home streaming and the Steam Machines that’ll follow in its wake, can you envision a place for Nvidia’s new thingummy in your life?