NVIDIA livestream could reveal new GPUs – watch it here at 2am BST, May 7


There’s something big going down at NVIDIA in a couple of hours. It’s big enough for it to warrant a livestream, so it might be worth tuning in. 

I wonder what hardware our list of upcoming PC games will ask of us.

The whispers are saying that this reveal will be NVIDIA pulling back the curtain on the next generation of graphics cards, so whether you want to be at the cutting edge, or you’re hoping the announcement sparks a price drop in the next card up from your current one, this could be excellent news.

So tune in this Saturday, May 7, at 2am BST, if you have even a passing interest in the future of PC gaming. That’s in just over two hours, if you can stay up that long. If you’re in the US, you’ll be fine.

Pop back at that time to watch the livestream below:

Watch live video from NVIDIA on www.twitch.tv